Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 7th

Sadness. Shock. Dismay.

That is what I am feeling right now. I truly do not have the words to express anything else, because the feelings are much more complex than that.

We all knew that this was coming. We tried to warn the politicians not to do it. We were dismissed as "Astro-turf", "Radicals", "Un-patriotic", "Extremists" and "Right-wing Terrorists". We were marginalized.

We were ignored.

In my mind, November 7th, 2009 is the political equivalent of September 11th, 2001. It is an assault on our country.

On 9/11, Radical Islamic terrorists attacked our country and our financial centers with airplanes, and temporarily wounded our economy. The Nation came together in response with a unity of purpose and resolve that was short-lived but was a beautiful thing to see while it lasted. The People remembered what it meant to be an American.

On 11/7, Radical Marxist Democrat Congressmen attacked our country and our small businesses with an assault on their financial stability. They also attacked the citizen's Liberty with 2000+ pages of regulations that will have the net effect of intruding into every aspect of our lives. If you do not play along with this takeover, you will be fined, or imprisoned, or both.

On 9/11, I cleaned my guns. It seemed like a rational response to an attack on our country whose scope was unknowable. Yesterday's assault on our country will be far more devastating in the long run than 9/11.

What should the rational response be this time?



Newbius said...

If you do not like my characterization of the current Democrat Party leadership as "Radical Marxists", then you either need to study Karl Marx more (and read The Communist Manifesto), or you need to listen to MSNBC less.

This takeover of health care, if it passes the Senate (possible), amounts to an intrusion into the citizen's lives that is so far beyond what would be considered tolerable by the Founders that they would be wondering why we weren't taking up arms already. There is no Constitutional right to health care. There is no Constitutional right to Social Security or Medicare either. Just because the precedent has not yet been challenged successfully to the Supreme Court does not make it acceptable under the Constitution.

Good intentions are not sufficient justification for assaulting Liberty. These "good intentions" are merely a smoke screen to cover the breathtaking power-grab that is going on right now in Washington by the Statists.

God help us all.

Diogenes said...

"What should the rational response be this time?"

I went to the range.

Nothing fancy, just good solid zeros on my rifles.

Is it appropriate? Not to the PC crowd that has damaged this country. I don't give a hoot about their feelings any longer. I felt that it was quite appropriate given the lack of concern from them.

Anonymous said...

I say the Statist will need God's help before this is over. Oops, they don't believe in God. Oh well, so be it!

Old NFO said...

I agree with Diogenes- a BUNCH of us were at the range sighting in...

Mike W. said...

All I can say is to quote something from Half-Life.

"Prepare for unforseen consequences" and "Wake up, Dr. Freeman, wake up...and smell the ashes."