Saturday, October 24, 2009

Soros and Statism

Is it any wonder that George Soros backs Marxists?

From the Financial Times: Soros says that profits are "Gifts from the State". Go RTWT.



Tam said...

To be fair, he didn't say "profits are the gift of the state", he said that the profits of certain companies, in a certain economic sector, were not the rewards of risk-taking, but the gifts of the state.

Whether he's right or wrong is another matter.

(And if there's one thing Soros isn't, it's Marxist. He's a capitalist, but of the strong-regulatory-state, mercantilist school. Fiscally, he's to the right of Mike Huckabee...)

Newbius said...

Soros is a robber-baron of the oldest school, using bought-and-paid-for politicians to enable his profits through crony-capitalism. Politically, he is to the left of Obama. Fiscally, his profits from market manipulations are classic elitist leftism. Consider that he leverages his considerable political clout to line his own pockets, and is unabashedly pro-statism with sufficient economic clout to get governments to write laws that favor his well-connected empire.

Is he a Marxist? Doubtful. Does he support Marxists for his own economic benefit? Absolutely.

Tam said...

"Politically, he is to the left of Obama."

He definitely believes in a big government with strong powers to regulate the markets and "help the less fortunate", but that doesn't a Marxist make.

He's my political and ideological enemy, no two ways about it. I guess I'm as guilty as the next kid of flinging the "Bolshevik" label around, I guess, it's just that I sometimes feel guilty about it. :o ;)