Sunday, October 4, 2009


How come the groups who got the vapors when Corporate fat-cats flew into Washington are silent when The Won jets around the world on behalf of his cronies in Chicago? How come we hear no vapidities about the carbon footprint of Oprah, Michelle-my-belle, and BHO when they EACH take separate jets (at least two of which are JUMBO JETS) to Copenhagen to do what amounts to a conference call?

< crickets >

Does a 25 minute tarmac meeting with McChrystal justify the trip?

< crickets >

How about the carbon footprint of the dinner date in New York (when one of the best chefs in the world is in your own kitchen)?

< crickets >

How about the carbon footprint of the trip to Colorado to promote the Green Energy portion of the Stimulus (which got signed after a languid few days of idling over the weekend-AFTER it was passed in "an emergency").

< crickets >

Judging by the profligate use of energy by this President in promoting HIS agenda items, one would think that "saving the planet" wasn't one of the items. In fact, one could propose that by his actions, this President is actually hostile to the environment. What say you ELF?

< crickets >

I guess it is really about ideology after all...



Old NFO said...

He's large and in charge, so he can do what he wants, and by extension, so can everyone around him... sigh...

Weissy said...

Al Gore, exit stage right!

Tam said...

Well of course it's about ideology!

That's why the only people who call Algore on his big ol' houseboat and megawatt mansion are Limbaugh listeners who burn whole brontosaurii to get the Excursion down the driveway, and not granola-munching Toyota Pious drivers. The latter, while loving them some environment, are loyal to their own, and the former could care less about Gore's profligacy, but just want to point up his hypocrisy.

No enemies on the left.

Newbius said...

OMG! Tam commented...

< faints >