Tuesday, October 6, 2009

For the Record

In response to THIS: I do not accept free items in exchange for positive reviews. In fact, I have never been OFFERED an item for review, either positive OR negative. If I have ever reviewed anything, it is because I paid for it with my own cash and either liked or hated the product enough to write about it.

FTC: Kiss my ass. You are an intrusive waste of the taxpayer's dollars and should be abolished as an agency of the Federal Government. When you begin enforcing your rules equally, I might listen to you. When the Federal Government takes my money to fund agencies whose reason for being is to extract fines for exercising my freedoms, then it has grown too large and needs to be "changed". How about applying those same rules to communications coming from Government? Hmmmmm??? Like the DHS report endorsing the lies of SPLC and repeating them using government printing office funds? I wonder if any money changed hands in THAT transaction and endorsement? Want to look at it? I didn't think so. Clean up your own house before you try and clean up mine.

If you want reviews, how's this? My new (manufacturer redacted) rifle is easy to manage, and accurate to 1/2 MOA farther than I can reliably shoot it, and WAY Farther than an M16 can shoot. The manufacturer did not provide any discounts on parts or materials when I built it. They don't even know I exist. I would buy another if given the chance. Heck, I would buy 2.

My older (manufacturer redacted) EBR can reliably hit a 16" target with iron sights out to 300 yards with me behind the buttstock. The EBR manufacturer doesn't know I exist, or that I own their rifle. I would buy another one of these too. It is a good gun and every patriot should own one.

I heartily endorse the products of both of these manufacturers because they make quality products THAT I WAS WILLING TO PAY FOR WITH MY OWN MONEY. If the products were crap, I would say so.

They aren't.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.



Weissy said...

I just read George Orwell's "Prevention of Literature" essay, and I have to say that this is a prime example of what he was trying to prove. I recommend you read it if you haven't already.

Old NFO said...

This one is gonna get interesting... If I post a range report (like I have in the past), will I have to comply with this crap? After reading, it sure looks like it! Frack...

Anonymous said...

I don’t see why a few patriots with necessary access can’t effect a little “pressure.” Personally, I favor the strategy outlined in John Ross’ book, “Unintended Consequences.” I don’t think we need to actually feed anyone to the hogs YET. But what would it be like if two or three “key” personnel were to come up missing, nowhere to be found.

If you haven’t read the above mentioned book, I highly recommend it. I am NOT the author and do not make a penny. I simply think it’s a great book for freedom loving Americans to read, ponder and, when the time comes, utilize to save our Constitutional Republic from the NWO.


Newbius said...


Interesting idea. I have read the book, but cannot recommend direct action. At the moment, civil disobedience is the correct path to take, along with direct pressure on those people who have oversight of these departments. In the meantime, I wonder if these rules, which do not apply to citizens equally, could be construed as operating under "color of law" rather than letter of the law. If so, and the actions taken to enfoce such laws are selective in nature, then the proper course is to use the Civil Rights Act to enjoin the officials who are attempting enforcement, and hold them personally liable for the damages. See http://www.fbi.gov/hq/cid/civilrights/color.htm for the course of action to take in response to an attempted prosecution or fine. :)