Saturday, September 12, 2009

9-12 protest rally in DC

Spent all day in DC at the rally. I will post tomorrow with pictures.

The "mainstream" media is reporting "tens of thousands". Pffftt!

I was there. It is only "tens of thousands" if you are just counting the people in front of your building...

At 11:30, the Park Police was leaking figures in excess of 1 million. Judging from some of the wide-angle shots from webcams, figures around 2 million are not unreasonable guesses.

That is "tens of thousands" x "tens of thousands"...

ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC/MSNBC, WashingtonPost, and the NYT (registration required for both...sorry) can spin it all they want, but this tells the story better than I can right now.

More tomorrow...




Old NFO said...

Looking forward to the report, wish I could have made it!

Mike W. said...

Would have loved to go. I was also reading some of the news comments. A lot of them were saying pretty much the same thing.

"Where were you when Bush was running up the deficit? When he started uneccessary wars?"
"It's a smoke screen for their hatred and racism. They can't stand that we have an African American as President now."
"They're just a bunch of Glenn Beck followers."
"Where were the Blacks, the Hispanics?"

The few people who showed support for the protest got torn apart on the comment boards.