Saturday, August 22, 2009

Good times

My middle child goes off to college in a couple of days. I wanted to get him some range time with the EBRs before he left so we hooked up with OldNFO at FRGC.Click for full-view picture

The day was going to be hot and muggy, it was 85 degrees at 0700 with mist in the air. Felt like we were breathing underwater. Not ideal, but at least there was little wind and what we did have was in our faces.

OldNFO let my son shoot his 1911 while I was setting up the rifles. This is probably the nicest 1911 I have ever been privileged to shoot. Sight picture is perfect and the trigger breaks like a glass lab slide with what feels like mere ounces of pressure. Think about the shot - the shot happens. Click for full-view picture NICE!

Here's my son's last shot of the magazine:Click for full-view picture

After we got "Beauty" back on paper with the iron sights, I gave the 200 yd plates a go. Click for full-view picture

Those things make a nice satisfying sound when you hit them, especially when using standard A2 Battle sights. The sound is even sweeter when it is your kid hitting them consistently, on his first outing with the rifle. He only had about 45 rounds total experience with the .223 before he started tagging those plates. That grin was great to see!

Finally, the LR-308 that I recently completed was out for its maiden run. Barrel break-in was tedious, but the results were gratifying. After doing the "shot-clean-shot-clean-shot-clean" cycle for about 30 rounds, we changed over to match ammo and began zeroing the scope. Final results below:

Click for full-view picture

We had to go "Cold Range" twice for wildlife. The first time, a small buck came out from the woods behind the plates on the 200yd line and trotted towards us before exiting stage right. The second time, we had a MONSTER tom turkey come out from the woods about 30 yards from the line. He just walked out, looked around, displayed his plumage, stretched a couple of times (to about 4' tall to the top of his head), then returned to the woods on the right whence he came. Cool. (Sorry, no picture). Oh, and we had a fearless dragonfly:
Click for full-view picture

All in all, it was a great day to be alive. Thanks again to OldNFO for hosting us at FRGC. You are truly a great person to know. I am honored to call you friend.




J.R.Shirley said...

I am sorry I didn't really have the time to come with y'all on this trip. That Model 70 has the BEST trigger I've ever felt.

Excellent dragonfly pic, btw!


Lord Obsidian said...

Great Pics!

Old NFO said...

Thank you Sir, glad I could help out!