Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Sorry. I didn't get in to the conference call with Axelrod.

It isn't like there were going to be any bombshells going off, though. We have read the playbook and seen it in action. It goes something like this:

Protesting "Teabaggers" are un-American and are tools of the insurance lobby.

The protesters are the violent ones, and our purple-shirted goons union enforcers volunteers are just victims who want what's best for the people.

Violent right-wing extremists are now bringing guns to peaceful gatherings. So we need to demonize and marginalize shine the light of truth on them to show how they are out of the mainstream.

Even though we are paid-for tools of Soros and the Pharmaceutical industry (of which Soros owns a pretty chunk), we only want power over you you to have the best choices possible for your health care.


And the beat goes on.

The Truth? Real citizens are getting active and the more they learn about what's REALLY in the bill, the less they like it. Heck, even I can take a few days to read the bill. Unlike John Conyers... So, the obvious truth is that the Democrats are trying to frame the message, and are lying brazenly and openly to our faces, and the enabling media is white-washing it and covering for them.

I can tell you this much. If I go to a town hall myself, I can understand the logic of carrying a means of self-defense with me. The last thing I want is a confrontation with 2 or 3 or 6 300-pound goons trying to intimidate me into compliance with their views or silence about mine. This is America, for God's sake! If you Dems cannot get your message across in a manner that makes the people support you, then you deserve to lose the next election. Bringing in thugs to beat up the opposition only invites violence in return. And if your thugs continue to escalate, you might find you have a real fight on your hands.

All this over power you are not even authorized to wield in this Republic. Think about that one Nancy and Steny. Think about that one Mister President. Your constitutional authority does not extend into mandatory government-run health care.

Try respecting that.



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