Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vortex Strategy

Dr. Chuck Missler of Koinonia House (website) has frequently discussed practical preparation for the onset of the coming breakdown of social order in the United States and the world. He calls it the Vortex Strategy. 15 years ago, these pronouncements were considered lunacy by some and denigrated as "fringe alarmism" on the part of the Christian Right by others.

Now, we look at the aftermath of Federal usurpation of the People's sovereignity and an overarching mad dash towards "Change" - the results of which will be a consolidation of more power to the Federal level, and that strategy doesn't seem so crazy after all. Especially considered in light of the monetization of public debt which our allies and adversaries have decided not to purchase any longer.

At the most basic level, the Vortex Strategy calls for people to be well-stocked on basic supplies: Food, water, clothing, fuel. Enough to support your family for long weeks or months without services. Ridding yourself of debt and divesting yourself of non-tangible assets is next, as this removes fiscal leverage from your decision-making process. Retaining the means of self protection is also essential. And, finally, get right with God.

Dr. Missler's most current update to the Vortex Strategy brief was in 2007, but re-reading it recently showed it to be still germane to the state of the world today. Even more so now that we are running headlong towards hyper-inflation as the precurser to civil unrest and a Federal takeover of the rest of the economy (but only as an "emergency measure" don't you know).

I recommend that you read through the Vortex Strategy series if you have not done so. There are lots of very good sites out there which will detail survival prep, weaponry, and financial security so I won't duplicate their efforts here. I do wholeheartedly encourage you to go through Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace University" or "Total Money Makeover" for taking care of the financial aspects though. Dave has proven systems which will get you debt free, an important part of the Vortex Strategy, and I cannot stress enough how empowering it is to not be beholden (enslaved) to any lender, or tied to a specific job or area because of financial concerns.

Don't delay in your preparations...



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