Saturday, May 30, 2009

Basement Knights - Moonstair Quest, Log entry 1

Archers log, Frostmyr to Moonstair

Interesting trip to Moonstair...

Shortly after leaving Frostmyr headed for Moonstair, I hooked up with this band of adventurers. Since we were headed in the same direction, it only made sense to stick together. During the journey, my favorite purveyor of Ale and Tail-Lord Obsidian-joined up, apparently he was returning from some trade show or something. Lord Obsidian and I had met before, although, I am not sure he has fully forgiven the time I shot at an obnoxious dwarf in one of his taverns and missed, knocking a lit oil lantern into the fryer...

(Reminder to self, never play with weapons when drunk on "Lake of Fire" Ale.)

Anyway, our merry band of pranksters came upon a scene of the usual horror and devastation, in the form of some trolls tearing apart some poor soul and his horse. Ugh. Trolls. I hate their smell. I can smell them from 200 yards away and they sure don't smell like my home woodlands! Since the conditions were perfect, good light and little breeze, I was able to do my work from a little farther away than normal. It is really nice when you have a clear field of fire to work with!

After dispatching the trolls, and causing an Oni to Disapparate, we were able to revive one of the victims and recover a message. Summary: Moonstair is reaping the pain of failing to maintain their defenses and the Troll King wants a trophy. From the sound of it we are going to have to get up close and personal with some of them. Hopefully there will at least be some profit in this.

On a brighter note, after (finally) arriving at Moonstair (yes, we had some trouble with the "victim"), we found that commerce was still thriving. I should be able to buy some supplies to help with the job that the town wants us to do. And, I ran across someone in Lord Obsidian's eatery and beatery who could be useful in a fight. A Barbarian named "Squeaks". Although, after his last battle, he drinks a little more than he used to. We'll see what the rest of the crew thinks.

I am going to chat up some local talent, get re-supplied, and have another Ale or six. It might be a while before I get another chance.


D&D Questing is an excellent way to explore game theory and game development. While I am not very good at role playing, I do enjoy the gaming action. Also, the interaction with the other gamers is always interesting. It is a good way to burn off some frustration after hard work dealing with other people's problems.

Thursday was Day One in a new quest. Hopefully we can get through this before most of our party has to go back to college in the Fall. In the meantime, I need to figure out how to retrain some of my Ranger's feats to adjust for the fact we are going to be battling in caves and not open area. "V" is deadly with a bow, even at extreme range, but his melee skills could use some improvement...

I wholeheartedly recommend D&D as a great way to spend an evening. Find a game near you and join up. The dark side isn't so bad...and they have cookies.



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