Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Your voice matters, but only if you choose to

Your voice matters. You have the power to stop the politicians who are trying to run (ruin?) your life. Peacefully, through communication with those who depend on you for their jobs.

As has been proven recently with the Assault Weapons Ban and the DoD Shell Casing controversies, you can be heard. As is proving to be the case with the recent Tea Parties, even the media is beginning to take notice of We The People, again.

Take the time to write, phone, email, or fax your representatives in congress. Remind them who they work for. Heck, send them all some tea...

Get a copy of the Constitution and read it so that you know your rights. Read the Declaration of Independence so that you know why we exist and what we fought for the first time. (And, compare it to the abuses of government today...)

Read the Federalist Papers, the Anti-Federalist Papers, Democracy in America, and Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal. Get to know the history and the contemporary writings of the founding fathers, see what they meant and why we adopted the governing principals that established this Nation. Understand why Capitalism is the only moral economic system for truly free people. Then read the Communist Manifesto and compare the writings of Marx to the actions of today's elected officials and find the parallels.

Do your own research and quit depending upon the lying gasbags on TV to spoon feed your information to you.

Get your own knowledge and stop depending on Marxist indoctrinators to teach you at school.

Go to the 9/12 Project and add your voice to others who also yearn to live freely.

Finally, get prepared. Extra food, fuel, and water is never a bad idea. Neither is the ability to defend yourself. If the "S" doesn't "HTF", no worries. You'll just be a person with lots of cans in the pantry and a little comfort in the back of your mind... If it does, you can still take care of yourself and your loved ones. This is good advice for any situation. Hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, civil unrest, whatever.

Be prepared.



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