Sunday, March 1, 2009

Who Wins?

Who wins if the currency of the land is purposely devalued to the point of nothingness?
Who wins if hyper-inflation causes food shortages?
Who wins if our national treasure is forced abroad for commodity goods?
Who wins if the populace is disarmed?
Who wins if the Constitution is subverted by treaty?
Who wins if we have to adopt a new monetary standard?
Who wins if we fail to secure our borders?
Who wins if dissent is stifled?
Who wins if there are no objective standards to measure against?
Who wins if the education system is State-run and attendance is State-mandated?
Who wins if the populace can demand anything from anybody, as long as they have enough "pull" to get it legislated?

Who wins if the People choose to do nothing while their so-called leaders sell us out for a global agenda, a global currency, and enforced reliance on others for our food, fuel, and manufactured goods?

Think about these questions the next time anybody raises a "policy" item that requires "urgent" action in order to avert a "crisis".

Some Basic Truths to ponder regarding the questions above:
-The money supply (Fed and Treasury Total Money) has more than doubled since the start of the year.

-Excess dollars in an economy cause inflation, Excessive growth in the money supply causes Hyper-inflation

-Use Google and search Forced Disarmament. The links that come up are a "who's who" of countries engaged in ethnic cleansing and Genocide. From Rwanda, Angola, the Ivory Coast, and Sudan, back to Cambodia, Nazi Germany and before.

-Treaties have the same force and effect on us as our Constitution does, until the treaty is proven differently in the SCOTUS. Think about how your life might be different if the Globalization activists succeed in forcing United Nations sovereignty over us.

-Bretton Woods was the death of true value in our Currency. There is talk right now about dropping the Dollar as the international currency of trade in favor of something Global.

-Did US politicians gain anything politically from the strife to the south of us? Do American employers want to have labor that is cheaper than they can get home-grown? Yes to both. Holder is using the Drug war in Mexico as an excuse to promulgate restrictions on your freedom and Right to Bear Arms.

-If there is no objectivity in reporting, and no possibility to speak against injustice, then tyrants will flourish. This pattern is easy to see if you have any understanding of history and is the reason why Freedom of Speech is Numero Uno in our Constitution.

-In any system which rewards winners and losers (and Capitalism is a prime example), destroying standards of objectivity enables losers to game the system in their favor. The corollary to this is that State-run institutions with a desire to destroy free-thinking and individuality will promulgate agendas that defy logic, but with success because objective standards have already been destroyed.

-For the answer to this, read Atlas Shrugged

-The answer is, the People LOSE.

Think about these answers the next time you have something better to do than get involved in the issues of the day. Whether you like it or not, whether you are political or not, your government will roll forward in response to pressure from Somebody. If you do not want that somebody to be someone antithetical to your beliefs and views, then YOU need to SAY something YOURSELF.

"I didn't know" is not an excuse.

"I didn't care to get involved" will not feed your kids in a time of real crisis.

"I trusted my (insert politician type here) to do the right thing" will be no comfort in a jail cell or Gulag (or worse).

It's only your life. What have you got to lose?



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