Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stimulate my economy...

I have a point, stick with me for a bit...

The recently-passed Stimulus bill amounts to about $3,000 in spending for every man, woman, and child in the US. If you look at households, it amounts to roughly $12,000 per family. No surprises there.

Civil unrest in Mexico threatens to spill across the border in a much bigger way than it is currently. So much so, that the people in the border states are arming themselves and pleading for the Feds to uphold their duty to defend the borders.

Crime in the inner-cities is unacceptable. In South-east DC, and just across the Maryland border in Prince George's County, the violent crime rate is astonishingly high, with minorities as the primary victims. Drugs and a culture of apathy towards traditional values are contributing factors, but there are a great many families doing the right thing and trying to make it there in those harsh environments.

As a firm proponent of the Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear arms, and as someone who thinks that more government spending means loss of liberty, I had a flash thought that I want to share. I realize that this idea will shock some people and offend others. Good! At least they will be thinking about it! Perhaps a program like this would mean more liberty as a result of the spending...

Here goes: Offer every qualifying person of legal age in America a voucher, good for one long gun (ugly and black, please), one hand gun (high-capacity magazine included!), and training in the proper handling of the weapons AND the laws of self-defense in their state. Figure $2,000 for the guns, and $1,000 for training, per person. The vouchers for the guns are not redeemable until the training is completed. The recipient chooses the gun on the last day and MUST spend range time with an instructor to ensure reasonable proficiency. Cost of ammunition to be included in the cost of the training class. A certificate would be issued at the end for use when applying to receive a concealed-carry permit. Focus advertising of the program on the inner-cities to ensure that they are reached by the program.

Since it has been proven (Lott, Kleck) that more guns equals less crime, this idea would put more legally-owned firearms into the places they would do the most good, while serving notice to the criminal element that they are likely to face a tougher time ripping off their neighbor of her grocery money.

Hmmm....a program which might actually reduce crime, empower minorities, and promulgate liberty, while at the same time preparing our nation for response if when Mexico ever blows up. Also, think what this would do for manufacturing jobs in America!

Sounds good to me. How could any politician who is interested in minority rights and in reducing crime in the inner-city oppose such a plan?



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