Monday, February 23, 2009

Tidbit of the day:

Follow up to previous post:

The local Wally World's current supply of ammo is still sparse. They have 22LR, .223 Remington, and .45 ACP in quantity (plus lots of 12GA bird shot). Almost nothing else...

An optimist would look at the news of the day (especially considering that our economy should be "saved" now due to the Porkulus Plan) and wonder what all of the fuss was still about. I guess my area of the woods is not yet full of optimists.

In the mean-time, I will keep cruising the aisles of the local stores hoping for "Change" in the supplies reaching us.




Chris said...

What may be happening is the secret and unnoticed decrease in supply of ammunition due to government intervention. This probably isn't the case, but with government reaching it's hands into every orifice of our once-capitalistic society, you never know. :P

Newbius said...

Maybe so, but the amount of money necessary to do this nationwide is an amount that would not go unnoticed in the budgeting process, even by myopic Republicans. Besides, the shortages began right around the time that Obamanation got the Obamanomination from the Dems at their convention.

Once it became clear that he was going to win, purchases stepped up. This was a time well before the Dems had Executive Branch power, so I do not think that the conspiracy theory works in this case...although it is fun to play with conceptually. :)