Thursday, February 26, 2009

It is a FUNDAMENTAL difference in position

...between the Liberal-Socialist-Statist position regarding YOUR income, and your OWN position on it.

Nancy Pelosi was just quoted on CNN as stating that the "reason for all of our deficits was because Bush gave the wealthiest wage earners a tax cut that they weren't entitled to".

I kid you not.

As I stated last September, the numbers are incontrovertible. My sources are Government Statistics! The reason for the deficits was that Government SPENT MORE THAN THEY TOOK FROM YOU. And, what they took from you was MORE than they expected due to the (many-times-proven) positive effect on revenue by lowering the tax rates.

I was yelling at the TV again and scared my cats!

I wish that JUST ONCE, an HONEST journalist (are there any left?) would ask these politician HACKS to prove their statement with something approaching factual data, instead of blithely nodding their heads in agreement and letting these bald-faced lies stand as if they had merit.

Am I alone out here?

If you think I am just another raving lunatic out here in the Blog-o-sphere, let me quote the IRS for you regarding the amount of your wages that you get to keep (exemptions, deductions, credits, and other monies otherwise collected from you). The IRS calls this amount a "Tax Expenditure"

In the view of the Pelosi's of the world, all of the money you earn is rightfully the Government's. Therefore, any amount that you get to keep is an entitlement. Looked at through this lens, it begins to make sense when she and others of her ilk state that you were allowed too much, or taxed too little. Since they own you already (you slave, you), they get to dispose of your work product (life) in any way that pleases them.

I guess one of the things that surprises me about all of this, is that nobody in the Press seems to care that the numbers don't add up. Nobody in the Press is alarmed. Nobody in the Press (except Glenn Beck and the Wall Street Journal - both completely discredited by the rest of the media as foaming, rabid, right-wingers) has bothered to analyze anything.

Prediction: When the numbers really come in (in 2011), everybody earning over $30,000 will get a tax hike. Or, hyper-inflation will have destroyed our civilization as we know it. Anybody up for an "Obamar Republic"? Remember that the failed policies of Tax-and-Spend and Liberal Socialism destroyed the fragile German economy and paved the way for a National Socialist leader. (Yeah, I know these are Wiki references...shut up and deal, ok?)

Like all good Statist systems, the pattern goes like this:
Get Elected
Disarm the people (crime crisis, or uprising of the unwashed as an excuse)
Abolish elections (emergency measure only!)
Muzzle the Press (control the message)
Rule for 2-5 decades

Step one is complete...



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