Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Societal Cost of Radical Environmentalism

Nobody really wants to tell the truth about the cost of OIL and how much of the cost of that $4.00/gallon gasoline is the true cost of radical environmentalism.

No, really.

The numbers change regularly but here are the basic facts:

The United States COULD be one of the top producers worldwide of oil, natural gas, coal, and uranium but lacks the political will to be. Or, rather, the politicians lack the political will to be leaders instead of lackeys to the Environmental Lobby. (Don't worry, I'll pick on the "evil corporations" later).

Why aren't we? Because the citizenry became the governed and forgot about the consent part of the deal. We do not work for the Feds, they work for us. We need to remind them once in a while or they will continue to usurp our power to line their pockets with political contributions and kickbacks from marginalized but powerful fringe groups. Because the US Congress is a bunch of cowards more afraid of negative publicity than negative consequences.

The United States citizens have a legitimate gripe about the cost of energy. Unfortunately, they are blaming the wrong people for the trouble. The energy cost problem was not caused by ExxonMobil, or Shell, or BP, or ConocoPhillips, or Unocal, or Amoco, or even that evil Venezuelan company CITGO.



It was caused by US.

Wow. There is a radical statement Newbius. What do you mean?

When WE the governed allowed the Congress to bow to pressure from groups like Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, Earth First, and Save the Seals, we created our own nightmare. We have some of the world's largest proven energy reserves within our territorial control, but lack the will to go get it.

We would rather enslave ourselves to people who hate us, than be self-sufficient for our own energy needs...just so we don't inconvenience some caribou in Alaska that maybe 30,000 people in the whole world will ever see. We would rather enslave ourselves than risk marring the view from Hyannisport with new wind energy stations (thanks Teddy!). We would rather enslave ourselves than see drilling platforms off the coasts of California, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, or Mississippi. We would rather be SLAVES to rich oil sheiks who plot daily to subjugate us under the next Caliphate than allow coal production , oil shale production , or natural gas production in those areas of our own country where we are resource rich. God help us if we ever tried to allow a new oil refinery, Nuclear power plant, Hydroelectric plant, or new wind generation facilities (can't risk the Condors can we?).

Get real.

The world marketplace runs on the laws of supply and demand. You can work either or both sides of the equation, but it is what it is. Add supply, price drops. Reduce demand, price drops.


Pass laws that make it harder to explore for, produce, transport, and market a commodity and prices will rise. Limit opportunities to develop existing reserves, prices rise. Mandate expensive boutique gasoline blends to help out some corporate fat-cat farmers, prices rise (and on more than Gas, too).

Also simple.

So what's it going to be America? Are you going to allow your congressmen/congresswomen to continue being paid-for lackeys of the monied environmental and corporate interests? The price of your next tank of gas hangs in the balance on your decision. Take action! Do it now!


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