Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Who are they?

I have long assumed that the people actually pulling the strings and shifting the levers of power are few in number. I believe that they include Billionaire financiers, Labor leaders, Crony Capitalist industrialists, and ideologues at various think tanks and foundations around the country.

I suspect that the actual number is around 100 people. My questions for you:

Who do you think are the most influential 100 people in the USA right now? Who are the people pushing the policy decisions, legislation, and popular opinion? Who are the One Hundred people most harmful to our Founder's Republic?



KurtP said...

Does "The Senate" count as one or a hundred?

Newbius said...

Depends on who they are. One each, if you think they actually are at the root of the destruction.

Newbius said...

ETA: I tend to think that the elected class is wholly bought and paid for by others. I want to know who is doing the buying.