Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stupid signs

While going about my business today, I had to go into a branch of the USMC Credit Union. Tacked onto the door was a typed note inside a page protector declaring in 24pt boldface that:
The carrying of a concealed weapon on these premises is prohibited"
I say "stupid sign" for 2 reasons: 1) Concealed is concealed, so how are they to know? 2) The target is misdirected. A criminal is going to ignore the sign and do his deed anyway.

However, as a lawful gun owner, I dutifully went back to my car and disarmed.

While there, I took the time to ask about the sign, and had a nice dialogue with the teller about guns. She grew up in an 'anti' household and admitted fearing guns, but is married to a Marine and said she wanted to get over her fear. I told her that guns were fun, and she should seek out someone to help her learn about them. All in all, a good contact.

Now tomorrow...I might just go into that branch again, openly carrying, as their sign expressly forbade concealed carry. :)



Andy said...

I was gonna point out it did forbid open carrying. You could have executed the famed Virginia tuck instead of going back to your car.

Nancy R. said...

1. Good on you! You may want to give the teller some info on where to go if she doesn't want to take instruction from her hubby. Michael W. (The Knife Guy) opines that one should never take instruction from someone they've seen naked.

2. OC in a bank!

Weer'd Beard said...

Are the signs binding in them parts?

Newbius said...

Trespass only, and they have to ask you to leave or disarm first. Misdemeanor, non-firearm offense.

Guffaw in AZ said...

Years ago, a 'friend' O.C'd into a bank. His bank, as a matter of course. (in AZ. it was/is not illegal, but CCW then was).
Obviously, someone took exception.
One Saturday morning, two suits appeared at his apartment door.
"Youse betta not be carryin' in da bank no more!"
The next business day, he called the bank president and gave him an earful. Then, he transfered his account to another bank. And carried in THAT one.