Thursday, March 31, 2011


I had a nice rant going about politics, economics, Liberty, and biased reporting. Then I stopped short and asked myself "why I am doing this?".

The concept was so tidy in my head. The conclusion so obvious, to me at least. I wondered...what for?

My audience consists of basically two groups: like-minded Liberty-oriented individuals; and poo-flingers. The people I care about basically tolerate my rantings because they know it is a way for me to vent. The poo-flingers' likely contribution to my upcoming 1000-plus-word blog post? "TL;DR, but you are wrong".

Screw it.

I am going to go buy more ammo instead.


North said...

I'm with you, Newbius. Some days I want to express myself fully. Other days...

Tomorrow's post: Sexual bondage.

Mike W. said...

I know the feeling. Sometimes I get onto something, bang out a few paragraphs and then think "Ahh, fuck it! why bother"

Andy said...

Ammo has its own therapeutic qualities.

Bob S. said...

Yes, you've said it before.
Yes, we've read it before.

We have even written it before and you've read it before.

And yet it is still worth writing. It is still worth putting it out there.

It may be that post, that set of search terms that brings some around to read your writings.

It may go unremarked (as many of my post seem to go) but it contributes to the body of evidence we are fed up with it and won't take it any more.

And in the end,it may be writing it out lets you get it out of your system, let's it out of your head so more important things can be considered -- like what ammo to buy :)

Bubblehead Les. said...

1) Buy ammo.
2) Shoot Ammo
3) Write about what happened when you shot the ammo. Hey, it works for T-Bolt.

Then when your head is cleared from all the ammo you shot and wrote about, then you can post up some tasty, fresh Blogfodder.

See you in Pittsburgh.

Old NFO said...

Doing that tomorrow... :-)

Patrick said...

Recoil Therapy is always good. But Bob has it right. You never know which one you will reach with just one post.

@BL - See ya in Pittsburgh!