Monday, March 7, 2011

Perhaps I should have closed the sarcasm tag...

Regarding my post on the CFL quote, the lovely Miss Tam at View From The Porch weighed in:
Over at the Newbius Papers, the idea is advanced that because hippies want to register your guns, then hippies should have to... register their compact florescent light bulbs. Because CFLs contain mercury, get it? So they're dangerous, like guns!

First, I like CFLs for a lot of applications, such as any light you basically want to leave burning. They're the berries for a back porch light. More importantly, though, I like freedom, so I don't like the idea of registering anything. Not guns, not CFLs, not even filthy hippies or nosy statists.

Telling people what kind of light bulbs they have to buy is for commies.
My reply began to approach post length, so I am instead going to put it here:
Tam, for the record: I find the idea of registering my light bulbs as repugnant as the idea of registering my firearms, and for the same reason. Further, the fact that our government even thinks it has the authority to regulate what type of light bulb I am allowed to purchase offends my Wookie-suiter sensibilities. That I must engage them, and ask for their permission, in order to exercise my Constitutional right to purchase (4473), keep (MA Licenses anyone?), and bear (CCW permit) Arms is beyond the pale.

The comment that I quoted is "sauce for the gander", and hopefully caused some of the hippie-statists to wince. Especially as it Gores (pun intended) one of their pet oxen (Anthropogenic Global Warming).
Thanks for the link, Miss Tam.



Tam said...

I know you do; I was riffing. :)

Jay G said...

She knows the fur on your wookie suit is just as luxurious as hers, Newbius... ;)

Old NFO said...


Mike W. said...

I dunno Jay, I think in a battle of the wookie suiters Tam would come out on top here.

Newbius said...

I have to agree with Mike here. Tam's Wookie Suit radiates that glorious sheen that can only come from good health and care. Plus, she owns more guns than I do, and is a better shot too. I think in the Battle of Wookie Suits, I want to play bando carrier to her DM role.


Panta Rei said...

Oi Newbius!
register LEDs too.. lead and arsenic!
CFL Safety
Home Safety -- Radiation -- Health

The CFL Mercury Issue
Breakage -- Recycling -- Dumping -- Mining -- Manufacturing -- Transport -- Power Plants

LEDs: The Lead and Arsenic Issue
Lead, arsenic and other toxic content, home breakage and disposal concerns

Small US Energy Savings from light bulb regulations
USA Dept of Energy data, less than 1% of society energy usage saved
Why Power Plants are not saved, regardless of what the ban savings are