Friday, December 3, 2010

Random Stuff

It looks like I will be getting a new position within my company in a couple of weeks. A lateral move, but one with greater promise in the long run. Yay me.

Borepatch has purchased his first gun since escaping from MassUtopia and heading toward a free country (Georgia). Go and congratulate him.

I intend to finish the "Driving Across the Country" series tonight or tomorrow, and then posting a few photos of the more interesting things we saw. Don't expect profundity, it is just a travelogue.

My State Legislature will pick up the new session in January. I intend to continue to press for reciprocity with all states for CCW permit holders, even though I firmly believe that Vermont (Constitutional) Carry should be the law of the land.

I intend to actively work to defeat Senator Jim Webb in 2012. He may be pro-2nd Amendment in principle, but he is orthodox Democrat everywhere else and that means anti-freedom, pro-statist. He needs to go.

One more thing, I will be on vacation the rest of the year, starting 12/11. If there are any goings-on planned, let me know. I would love to meet some of you virtual friends.



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