Sunday, December 26, 2010

Light posting fare here

Only because the Holidays are the time that I spend entertaining family (and a few friends). So instead of reading fare, I get to do eating fare.

This week will have a pizza party for the college friends, all homemade from scratch. The recipes are posted elsewhere on the blog (tags: pizza, more pizza) and are very tasty.

This Saturday, I host an annual family party for the relatives on the East Coast. The past many years the menu has consisted of roasted prime rib, a scampi-style shrimp of my own recipe, and numerous side dishes. All of this served with good wine and loving fellowship.

This year, I am planning to mix it up slightly. Instead of the traditional baked potatoes, I will do a twice-baked version as well as a pan of Au gratin Potatoes Alfredo. And, instead of prime rib, I will be doing a couple of whole Tenderloin roasts (Chateubriand), one wrapped in bacon, one plain.

I post this only because I have not ever done a whole tenderloin before...(yes, I am living dangerously). I have researched many recipes-including Alton Brown's slow-roasted version-coming to the conclusion that there is no 'right' way to roast one, but that it is easy to do incorrectly-no matter the method. Any pointers my readers have (Brigid?) would be welcomed.

I hope you all had a merry Christmas. I pray that we will all have an amazing new year. Stay safe.




Obsidian said...

When should I show up?

Old NFO said...

Same to you Newbius, enjoy and good luck with the tenderloins!

Newbius said...

@Obsidian: Depends on whether there are games before food on Wednesday. Any time in the afternoon should be fine. Pepperoni, jalapeno, and pineapple?

John Venlet said...

Ah, a Veeder Cab, or two, 2007, would go well your menu. Alexander Valley cabs also would work, or a fine bourdeaux, the list is almost endless. Enjoy your feasts and fellowship, Newbius.

Obsidian said...

There absolutely need to be games on Wednesday, either before food or after. Looking forward to getting my special pizza too!