Thursday, November 11, 2010

Prepping for Appleseed

I want to do an Appleseed shoot soon. I do NOT want to do it with my .308 or AR.

Preparation step 1: Buy a 22LR rifle - CHECK
Preparation step 2: Buy box of 22LR ammo - CHECK
Preparation step 3: Buy spare magazines - TO DO CHECK
Preparation step 4: Sight in new rifle - TO DO
Preparation step 5: PRACTICE - TO DO
Preparation step 6: Buy optics???

Now I need to go to the range and play with my new toy...

How are your preps going?


JB Miller said...

I have that same rifle. It has a decent fixed 4x scope. I am considering getting a suppressor for it!

Where/when is the Appleseed event?

JB Miller, YBtGE

Jeffersonian said...

You can find an Appleseed near you at:

I've been to four so far, making Rifleman with a .22 in the last two. I need to go back with a "real" rifle. I've 'blogged my experiences (links to specific entries):

Nancy R. said...


I'm trying to psyche myself up for an Appleseed as well. Shorter Half has the 10/22 ready to go, I just need to practice. As far as other preparations go, when was the last time you had your vision checked?

Newbius said...

Nancy, 3 months ago. Still a little far-sighted. Better for shooting, not so good for 6-point type. :)

Old NFO said...

Lemme know what you find out...

Newbius said...

Next Appleseed in Midlothian, VA (by Richmond) is 12/4-12/5. I will still be teaching a class on Sundays and am unable to make that session. I hope to make the following one. Or, possibly attend one in another area.

ZerCool said...

Rifle love.

I've got the MkII-BTVS and it's a damn tackdriver - if a bit on the heavy side for woods-walking. Shoots better than acceptably with Federal bulk pack, believe it or not.

Buy more ammo for Appleseed. You'll use it.

John the Texaner said...

I have plans to go to Appleseed sometime next year. I plan on doing so with only my AR, though.

I do not have a box-fed .22LR autoloader. Rather than spend a couple hundred dollars on *another* .22LR outfitted specifically for this task, I'll spend it on ammo. Actually, I'll spend a smaller portion of that on loading my own ammo which will run better through my rifle than the store-bought stuff anyway.

Geodkyt said...

I'd slap a 3x or 4x scope on there. Those long eye relief, short sight radius, imprecise sights are not condusive for pinpoint accuracy -- and Appleseed is a lot closer to match shooting than field shooting, despite the time limits.

Get a decent sling -- either an M1907 leather, if you are familiar with it, or the Garand/M14 style.

Cool looking, affordable rifle. I might have to get one.