Friday, November 5, 2010

Opt out

Yes, Opt out.  There are many reports going around the 'net these days about the TSA Security Theater, and about how 'opt-outs' now get treated to a pat-down instead.  Folks, this is an attempt at gradually conditioning you to accept government intrusion into everything you do.

Never mind the fact that they are lying to you about how "this is always what we have done".  Enough people travel regularly to know that this is not true, yet many more only travel infrequently and just accept it at face value.

I choose not to play at all.

Until TSA is abolished, and these intrusive security scans are removed, I will not fly commercially.  Period.  They can all go pound sand.  There is nothing that I need to get to that is so critical that I cannot drive.  This includes visiting my ailing grandmother in Arizona, and a likely funeral in California within the next few months.  California is 2600 miles away.  Round trip airfare right now is about $260 per person.  Gasoline, round trip, is about $300 $600 and I will have a car when I get there.  If I have to stay at a couple of fleabag motels on the way, it might cost me an extra $100.  So be it.  As long as the airlines agree to provide the trains to the gas chambers vehicle for expanding tyranny in my life, I will refuse to play.

You cannot compel me to voluntarily waive my rights.  You cannot compel me to purchase goods and services.  I will not play.  You will have to use force, as that is your ultimate argument.  And, when it comes down to that, the distilled essence of your nature, I will respond in kind.



cybrus said...

Agreed - and basically what I wrote about earlier today! Updated with a link back here - gotta vote with our wallets when we can...

Stretch said...

Follow up on this blog by sending copies of your gas/motel receipts to the airlines that serve the routes you would have taken. Remind them this would be their money were it not for the TSA.
Money talks, TSA walks.

Newbius said...

I should clarify an error, gasoline is about $600, or $300 per person for two people traveling. ~5200 miles @ 30MPG = ~178 gallons @ $3.20/gal for Premium is $571. And, I'll need to change the oil when I get back. Another $30. Whoopee.

I will have no restrictions on baggage. I can take my guns, pack a suit so it won't get wrinkled, and never have to deal with a pat-down. Other than travel time, why would I want to fly again?

Oh, and for short trips (<500 miles) the car is a no-brainer. The travel is ALMOST as fast, too. I am more than an hour away from the nearest airport, would have to arrive 1-2 hours ahead of the flight (or take the train into the airport which takes even more time), and then deal with parking and security. If I lose three hours in advance of traveling by air, I am 180+ miles closer to my destination by car. Assuming the plane has no delays, it beats me to my destination by 2 hours and I would have to work out ground transportation once there. House-to-Hotel is less than a 2-hour differential, all up. I'm driving.

Weer'd Beard said...

And if you have to be screened, do your damndest to summon an Iron hard-on and GRIND into the groping hands.

The jerks who work for the TSA have a job lower than the guy at the porn store who cleans up spooge. Let them feel it.