Thursday, November 4, 2010

Denninger calls for...what?

If you have not figured it out yet, the Federal Reserve (a private consortium of the world's largest banks) has stolen America's wealth.  Karl Denninger has been laying it out for years and the People have done exactly nothing about it.

Now, Denninger lays out exactly what the final outcome will be.  He doesn't say it, but he hints at the fact that it is decision time for the people.  The bones of this turkey are almost stripped clean.  When the last of your wealth is gone; when your assets have been stolen by the banking consortium with the full cooperation of the political class; when there is nothing left to the citizens; what will YOU do?

I want to know why Bernanke is not in jail right now.  I want to know how he is able to inflate the currency through monetizing the debt.  I want to know why you people aren't mad.

The treasonous assault on America's wealth by the Fed and the Banking system, through asset stripping and outright FRAUD should constitute a Fort Sumpter moment.  It is too bad that we, the people, are still asleep.

Go and Read This, and THIS.  Then do something about it.



Alan said...

People aren't mad because they don't understand what is being done to them.

Anonymous said...

What Alan said. But also that the people are indoctrinated into the idea that big brother government, with all its warts, is not really "that bad". The instant you start talking about getting rid of programs like social security, medicare and ALL the other useless boar hog teets, people start complaining about wanting what they feel is owed to them. ("I've paid into the system and want what is mine!!") Nobody is interested in risking anything (money, personnal security, ..., ANYTHING) to free themselves from self imposed slavery to Big Brother. And there are far too few people, so far anyway, to stage a genuine revolution. Some of those that were pissed prior to the mid-term elections will be satiated with these results until they realize that it's still Big Brother. And then we'll elect some more, and some more, and . . .