Monday, October 25, 2010

Second Rate Lives

The eternal battle is waged by the forces of good against the forces of evil.  To deny that evil exists is naive.  To deny that evil is manifest on this earth to work its will is also naive. 

Those who live their lives in pursuit of the highest and best that their efforts can achieve, as homage to the highest and best that is in others, they are the people that I want to be with.  Those are the people with whom I want to deal, value for value.

Those who attempt to shackle the achievements of another in chains of servitude, for 'the greater good', are merely second-rate parasites, living second-rate lives, at the expense of a host more noble than they.  They will be shaken off like fleas from a dog.  Good riddance.

Lord Acton got it right.  So did Ayn Rand.  A life lived in pursuit of power over other men is a life in pursuit of evil, and is the mark of a second-rater.  You politicians would do well to remember this.  Karma is a retributive bitch when angered.  And right now, she is looking a little peeved.

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JB Miller said...

My brother does not believe in evil. When given example I clearly believe as evil he says it is simple mental illness, a product of early abuse usually.

Why someone is evil doesn't matter to me. The evil act. Is the issue.