Friday, October 22, 2010

Do Want

I love my rifle.  It is fun and easy to shoot, and is adequately accurate.  There is one little thing about it that I wish were improved and that is the butt stock.  My rifle has a standard A2 butt stock, and for me the length of pull is a little short and makes the eye relief on the scope difficult to master at some magnifications.

Here is the solution: MagPul PRS 308 Gen 2

I think that this, along with an Accu-Shot Monopod should do nicely to fix the problem.  Then, I will be finished with the upgrades, at least until I am able to afford the really nice optics that have been infiltrating my dreams lately...




JB Miller said...

I fully endorse these upgrades.

Mind the tiny spring that will go "sproing" when you take the stock off...


J.R.Shirley said...

Huh. The A2 stock is abysmally long for me, especially when wearing body armor.

Newbius said...

John, I don't get to wear body Mall Ninja creds aren't that great. ;)

How's the service treating you this time around?