Friday, October 15, 2010

Blood in the streets?

That is always the rallying cry of the gun grabbers. That failure to restrict gun rights will result in "blood in the streets". Thankfully, history proves them wrong time after time.

So why bring it up?

Well, because the other time there is blood in the streets is when there is massive civil unrest. The last time it happened with any regularity was when the radicals from the 1960s tried to overthrow the capitalist, republican, form of government in order to institute a Marxist socialist state. They failed then.

Now, those same 1960s radicals are the ones in power. They are usurping the levers of power in the US in order to institute a Marxist socialist state. Now, the radicals are the ones who want to roll back Leviathan and re-institute a capitalist, republican, form of government.

Since the socialists control the power structure, and also the means to count the vote totals in the upcoming election, I expect that there will be shock and disbelief at the reported outcome of the elections. Because there will be a cognitive disconnect with what the voters did, and what the states report. I fully expect that the massive voter fraud, voter intimidation, "found ballots", and reported vote totals exceeding actual registered voters in the precincts to be the catalyst for something that the elites will not have anticipated.

Blood in the streets.

All of the recent polling suggests that the drubbing that the Democratic Party is going to take will be epic in proportion. Yet, the people like ObeyMe, Pelosi, and Reid act as if there is nothing to fear. They act like they have it covered. They act as if the results are already pre-ordered for a specific outcome. They act like guys like Rasmussen don't know what they are talking about. They act like they have rigged the game. In the same way that Stalin rigged the game.

Look, I am not advocating that anybody take up arms on November 3rd. Far from it. I caution against it, and only advocate defensive use. But, our nation has been stolen from us, and someone is going to be pissed off on 11/3 when the frauds come to light. Be ready.



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Stretch said...

I posted this 7 Oct. to a well-known-columnist:

Fearless prediction for Nov. 2 elections: The GOP will NOT win ANY elections.
Socialist do not surrender power. It must be taken from them by force (Nicaragua's 1990 election excepted).
The course of events will be:
1. Voter intimidation. Thank you Mr. Holder.
2. Massive voter fraud. Houston's being just the latest flagrant example.
3. Massive media coverage of "failed elections." Since they are the propaganda wing of the Dems they will have all the details (less ACORN, et. al. involvement).
4. Elections will be declared "deeply flawed" by the Justice Dept. (Damn if Mr. Holder isn't back!) or the Fed. Election Commission.
5. The current composition of Congress retained because it is "essential for the stability of the Nation" until such time as "fair and honest elections can be guaranteed" ... by Mr. Holder.

Me? I've filled my bandoliers and sharped my bayonet. I'm sure I've a black flag around here some place.