Monday, October 18, 2010

Best Gun for a Woman?

Breda asks the question. I think the answer is "Whatever she will shoot".

In Breda's case, this is just about anything (once). But, her real love is rifles. In her post "zen of the rifle", she eloquently describes the mental aspects necessary to master the rifle. So, when she posted that her favorite gun of the day at the North Coast Blog Meet was my DPMS LR-308 rifle, I was blown away.

Thank you, Breda. I am honored. Let's do it again some time.




Mike W. said...

More of a shotgun man myself.

Jay G said...

Nice picture, BTW... :)

Newbius said...

Sorry. Photo Credit: Jay_G

Mike W. said...

Holy crap! Another Mike W.

This is getting confusing!

You just couldn't help yourself, huh Jay G.? :)

Newbius said...

Yep. Actually, I think I have three different "Mike W." commenters. One of them is related. :)

PPPP said...

Ah, but related to whom?

Newbius said...

@PPPP: To me. :)