Friday, September 24, 2010

Why the light blogging?

In short, everything I want to say about politics, and the current people in charge, I have already said at least once. "The current administration is staffed by tyrants who wish to curtail Liberty and replace our current economic system with a command economy and top-down regulatory structures" (even more so than we currently have).

I can say this twenty different ways, but the message remains the same at the core: Liberty is in jeopardy.

I plan to vote, as that is the peaceful expression of the "will of the people". I hope that there are enough votes to counteract the expected Democratic Party voter fraud, and the disenfranchisement of the military, to toss these bums out of office. You lefty statists can whine all you want, but this truth always comes to light every election and it isn't the Right/Republicans who do it.

I look forward to gridlock in Washington, the "District of Criminals". It will be a welcome change. All efficient government ever results in, is death (See Russia, Germany, Laos, Cambodia, China, Turkey).

So, unless I feel the urge to blog about my life's trivialities, or get some range time worth talking about, posting will continue to be light. Sorry...



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