Monday, July 19, 2010

QOTD - HogDaddy

It saddened me to read that the NRA sold out my First Amendment Rights to ensure that the NRA's First Amendment rights were not infringed. The Second Amendment is supposed to be used to protect the other Nine. Therefore, even though the association's focus is the Second Amendment, it should never agree to stand idly by while other freedoms are infringed upon.
The musings of a 'Big Man" on the NRA sellout over the DISCLOSE Act.

I agree. While the NRA is a "Single issue" organization, their willingness to sell out their principles in order to retain their advocacy has a chilling effect upon those of us who are not as large, nor as powerful. I am still an NRA member, but I recognize their limitations and will do whatever is necessary to preserve, protect, and defend my constitution from all enemies. Even if it is the NRA.




Anonymous said...

I sent an email to David Keene and Chris Cox stating, in my opinion, that their strategy/tactic of being a "single issue" organization is exactly like that employed by the Native American Tribes and to look at how they ended up. Each tribe was a "single issue" tribe and they wouldn't band together to fight a common enemy. Therefore, they're now all on reservations in abysmal poverty for the most part.


Motor-T said...

Just remember the NRA is OK with the state rifle and pistol associations being gagged, as long as the NRA is still free. "You can take the girl, just don't hurt me!"