Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not feeling it today

There are a lot of things that need to be said. I am just not the right person to say them today. We still have:
A Congress that is out of control

A President intent on destroying capitalism

A Banking system that robs the sheep daily

A Supreme Court that can't read the Constitution's plain language

A Regulatory structure whose only goal today is self-preservation

State governments "of the unions, by the unions, for the unions"

Enemies of our Constitutional Republic, both Foreign and Domestic
So I am not feeling the muse today.

Until and unless the system begins to respond to the Soap Box, I am not confident that we will have enough impact. The Ballot Box, this time around, may depend entirely on who is doing the counting, not the voting. The Jury box? You have to have "Standing" now to challenge the GOV...being a citizen is no longer enough. May G_d help us if all we have left is the last box.




Jay G said...

Amen brother.

I recommend buying more ammo.

Just sayin' is all...

Dixie said...

Heh. Why do you think I haven't posted too much lately? This sh*t's ridiculous...

Scott McCray said...

My thoughts, too...it is most depressing.

Stretch said...

My wife offered to buy me a new computer for my birthday (bless her heart).
I said the money would be better spent on ammo.