Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The ignorance of the intelligentsia.

The crass stereotyping of us "rubes" and "wing-nuts" as "racist hate-mongers" is beginning to wear a little thinly with me. The fact that I am a champion of civil rights for all people makes me unacceptable to them, because I am not sufficiently guilty about being white. That I decry their own policies as racist makes me a target, because reverse-racism is just reparations-lite.

Sorry. Not going to feel guilty.

How about my Pro-Second Amendment stance? Well, in their eyes, that makes me an uneducated, redneck, cousin-humping Neanderthal who wants to give machine guns to pre-schoolers and rocket launchers to high school kids. Because then they can all settle their differences in glorious gunpowder-fueled orgies of lead and destruction.

Seriously. Go read the comments at Politico, The Puffington Whore, or the Daily Kook. If the disdain shown for white, Christian, gun-owning America doesn't scream at you loudly, then you might just be one of them and are blinded to your own bigotry.

You know, when I was young, I was taught that two wrongs do not make a right. I was taught to fight evil whenever I found it. I was taught that the Golden Rule meant we had to do what was right, regardless of who the person was, or their station in life. I was taught that skin color didn't matter, that character mattered. I was taught tolerance for people who were different than I. And, I was taught to look at actions and not listen to words. I was taught Live and Let Live. I was taught that our level of achievement was directly attributable to our level of industry and drive to succeed. I was taught that the American Dream was something that was within the grasp of anybody who was willing to work to make it happen. And, that each person's idea of that dream was their own and not to be defined by any outside party.

In short, I was taught classic Liberalism.

Where has my country gone? Why is my government trying to destroy everything that America once stood for?

Is this the last, best gasp of the 1960's? Are the radicals now in power? Are the Marxist corruptocrats just puppets on a string, controlled by some faceless power-broker behind the curtain? Will we ever know?

One thing is for certain. My views are now belittled by the intellignorant. The MSM conspires to control the narrative. The Polital class seeks to stifle dissent. The Liberal Elite looks down their noses at us poor schlubs in Middle America, and the top 1% uses every trick in the book to ensure that they are favored while they rob us blind.

Are we still in Claire Wolfe's "Awkward phase"? If so, until when?

Will we get another engineered event like Oklahoma City, designed to discredit the Patriots and garner sympathy for the Establishment?

I don't know. I don't have any answers today, only questions. In the meantime, I will keep on doing my best to do what is right. And, I'll keep praying for my country. G_d knows we could use His help.



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