Thursday, July 29, 2010

If you are not angry about this, you are not thinking

The DC government is being sued by surviving members of a family that was murdered while the police cowered outside.

The murdered family did not have a gun inside the house.

Legal possession of a functioning gun in DC is made difficult (it was formerly a prosecutable crime) by labyrinthine laws infringing regulating acquisition, transport, storage, and usage (keeping and bearing) of arms in DC. Until the Heller case (and now McDonald), the laws prevented the people from owning functioning tools of defense in DC. The tools are were outlawed, whereas now they are just damned-near impossible to legally obtain for someone without considerable means.

Under existing case law, the District is immune from liability and has no duty to protect an individual citizen from crime (even when the crime is ongoing and the police are on-scene). Current jurisprudence on this matter will likely cause the case to get tossed based upon stare decisis grounds.

This situation is an outrage. The honest, law-abiding citizen cannot reasonably get a gun because the government heavily regulates purchase and possession. Yet, the very same government is immune from liability arising from the consequences of their prohibitions and proscriptions against the citizen's access to these tools. Without the proper "papers please", the citizen is a de facto criminal for acquiring the ability to do what the state refuses to do and cannot be held liable for if they refuse.

Question: At what point do the citizens take the responsibility for self-defense seriously and begin the process of tarring and feathering voting out the scum-sucking political class who have put these poor people into this situation in the first place?

The criminal boyfriend was not deterred by the law. Only the law-abiding were harmed. $60 million is not sufficient penalty to ease this family's suffering. Justice would place every politician, bureaucrat, and policeman who supported these asinine laws on the docket for accessory to murder.

Restore the Second Amendment rights to the people, or the people will do the restoration themselves. At this juncture, it is only a matter of time...


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sofa said...

"...the District is immune from liability and has no duty to protect an individual citizen from crime..."

Stands in stark contrast to "created among men to secure their life, liberty, ..."

It's way past needing the 2nd Amendment.

When a government makes itself repugnant to the Constitution, then it's time to use the "reset button".