Saturday, June 26, 2010

Something interesting in an unexpected place

Went to Dysfunctional City today to catch a museum. While learning all about the horrors visited upon native groups by the evil white man (no joke-90% of the indigenous populations died as a result of contact), I came across a pretty amazing firearms exhibit.

In addition to some very fine examples of 15th and 16th century flintlock pistols, early-to-late black powder muskets and rifles, early long arms of the plains and such, there were a couple of oddities at the modern end of the display.

First, one of the prettiest handguns I have ever seen:

Now the oddities:
A 7.62mm assault rifle prototype purportedly to be Heckler and Koch G3 or similar:

And a Colt Advanced Combat Rifle prototype:

I really wasn't expecting to find these last two rifles in a display on guns of native Americans. Truly the surprise of the day. If you are a firearm enthusiast, it is worth your time to stop into the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C.. The gun display alone is worth the trip.



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