Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Political Matrix Meme

Every now and then, people post the results of political surveys that purport to show us who we are and how we vote, or how we compare to other people. I usually dismiss the results. Because, no matter the self-congratulatory pose of the quiz creators extolling the fairness or lack of bias in the questions, I always find the questions to be inadequate.

For example: If in this poll, you believe in G_d but believe that your destiny is in your own hands and made through your own choices, you are left with several options that deny G_d, or an option that states that He exists AND He controls your destiny. The choice is a poor one. Many other of the questions require you to either pick "None of the above" because the questions' choices do not cover rational answers, or pick some option that is close but not close enough.


With all of this being said, here are my results. Does anybody else find it surprising that only 1% of the population is both More Liberal, AND More Conservative than I am? And, that ONLY 60% are more Socialist? :)



H/T RobertaX

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Patrick said...

Well this really getting around. Dixie linked me and you so I thought I would check your scores. With the lack of choices, I'm not totally surprised that the people I read are generally hitting the same results that I am.