Friday, June 18, 2010

NRA and the DISCLOSE Act part 3

Sebastian has a good point, and references Joe.

I don't dispute either position. Click the links and go read. DISCLOSE is dead for the time being, and I am happy with that.



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TOTWTYTR said...

Despite the frequent criticisms from the "Take No Prisoners" school of 2A advocacy, sometimes it's about the best deal possible. It's also about using the enemies tactics against them.

In this case the NRA might have been devious, or they might have been looking out for their members best interests even if it was at the expense of other advocacy groups.

Or maybe both.

The bottom line is that for now the bill is off the table. However, as with health care it won't really be dead until the Speaker is a Republican or a Democrat not named Pelosi.

Oh, I like the new look too.