Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Antonym Presidency

It is no secret that I disdain politicians. I detest the quest for power over others as the lowest form of degeneracy. Most of all, I loathe those who deceive in order to obtain that power.

I disliked Jimmy Carter. He was a well-intentioned bumbler who failed to recognize the baser aspect of human nature, especially as it related to international diplomacy.

I disdained Bill Clinton. Similar naivete with regard to international affairs as Carter, and treated the White House and the Presidency like an eight year frat party.

At least those two guys loved their country.

The current President...(and regardless of what I think about his constitutional eligibility)...this guy hates this country. His handlers are Chicago thug machine politicians who will say anything to obtain power and line their pockets. While their instincts are base, at least they come by their dishonesty honestly. It is an open secret that they will do whatever it takes to keep themselves in power, through the use of whatever thug-machine tactics it requires. I don't like it, but I can at least understand it.

TheWon (and to a certain extent Pelosi and Reid) wants to fundamentally alter our country and destroy our institutions. I wasn't so sure before. I am positive of it now. Forget the flowery rhetoric. Forget the carefully-scripted photo ops and press conferences. They are just theater and window dressing. The words are being used to lull you into complacency.

Watch the actions.

Watch a re-run of tonight's speech. Except, this time have a thesaurus handy. Every thing he says, run the verbs against the thesaurus and find the antonyms. The opposite of what he says will be the next action. Count on it.

And be ready...


EDITED TO ADD: While I detest politicians, I do think there are a few good public servants out there. My local State Delegate is one of them and is a good guy. I also believe that my Congressman is still a public servant, and not yet a politician. Although, I do have to remind him of the delineation occasionally...


Jay G said...

Gotta disagree with you here, Newbius.

Bill Clinton actively loathed (and most likely still does loath) this country.

He weakened our military something fierce, attacked right wing opponents with a zeal previously given to wartime enemies, ignored countless attacks against American interests, and gave away our military secrets and hardware for campaign contributions.

In the "pure evil" category is where I'd place that fat rapist traitor hick...

The Commander said...

Not to mention the murder of civilians in their own homes.

No quarter for Klinton.

Hell, the only thing lower than a politicain is a child molester.

Newbius said...

Do not mistake my soft rhetoric towards Clinton as anything close to acceptance for the cretin. Clinton deserves to rot in hell for the damage done to this country under his watch. However, he at least had the political good sense to recognize when he was going to get rolled on an issue and jump aboard the bandwagon so he could take credit.


Comparatively speaking, Clinton is James-effing-Madison when compared to ObeyMe. ObeyMe is a Marxist ideologue of the worst order and whereas Clinton was an opportunist, Obama is a tone-deaf thug.

All three of these presidents need a firm application of tar, feathers, and rails. Most especially Obama.