Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SEIU Thuggery and the crickets on the left

As noted here, the SEIU engaged in thuggery in an attempt to intimidate a B of A executive. That they did so is beyond question. The questions that this demonstration raises are numerous.

My first question is: "Why are the police departments changing their stories about the level of alert/coordination provided inter-departmentally?"

My second question is: "Why does SEIU always seem to organize this type of protest concurrent with legislative actions in Congress?"

My third question is: "Why does the Legacy Media ignore this thuggery, yet 10 people protesting the NRA convention is top of the hour news?"

My fourth question is: "Why, when the questions are raised, do the Liberal Enablers complain about the Right's failure to condemn abortion protestors?"

My fifth question is: "At what point do the citizens stand up and say "enough!", and push back?"

I ask, because it seems like only Fox is covering this at all, and poorly too. The Blogs are incensed, but nobody is paying attention to them because we are all little "keyboard commandos", all talk and no action. All of the "kerfluffle" is amounting to a hill of nothing about this. Yet, there are very real issues of sanctioned and possibly even coordinated intimidation tactics being utilized by the Left to push more Anti-Capitalist, Anti-American legislation.

Fair warning: If 500 protesters show up on my property, for any reason, they will get a request to immediately remove themselves to the street, and about 10 seconds to comply. Failure to do so will be construed as a threat to myself and my property.


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