Monday, May 17, 2010

Just got back from Charlotte

There will be lots of changes to the Blog Roll happening. I am moving a lot of people from the "People I Read Daily" section into the "People I've Met" category. I might possibly even have some pictures of the Cool Kids. Oh, and I made my debut on Vicious Circle. :)

I am tired, but the trip was worth it. Some good things are coming up in the next few months from the gun industry. There are some amazing people out there supporting us in our fight for our civil rights (a HUGE "shout-out" to Alan Gottlieb and Alan Gura for the amazing work you do as advocates). The people from the NRA could not have been more accommodating to me, my guest, and to the many direct media types (bloggers) who were there doing the reporting.

I'll have more up later as I distill down my notes and photos to something coherent. If you have not yet attended an NRA convention, please do so in Pittsburgh next year. I hope to meet you there.



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