Monday, April 5, 2010

Thought for the Day and a call to action

Dear Donkey,

When all of the anger and frustration have subsided, and you look out and observe the wasteland of lost hopes, stifled aspirations, and crushed dreams; when you see that there is no justice in Social Justice, and no Peace in a brokered peace among opposites, remind yourself that you asked for this.

When you discover that you raised a man upon a pedestal of hope, but that the change he promised was more empty slogans, but with an extra helping of tyranny, remind yourself that you asked for this.

When the tattered remnants of a once great country decline into another social dystopia of central planning and decentralized intelligence, remind yourself that you asked for this.

When you have achieved the pinnacle of the grand vision that you are grasping for, ask yourself: Was it worth it? Was it worth all of the pain and suffering that was required to implement your schemes? Was it worth the shed blood? (Note: if you continue to push all of these central planning and control measures through, there will be shed blood.) Was it worth enslaving your neighbor to assuage your conscience? Was it worth destroying a Constitution to spread consolation? Blaming Bush won't work any longer. You own this one now.

Dear Elephant,

You were complicit and complacent. You thought you could negotiate in the interest of comity with an ideology that brooks no compromise. You were merely a lumbering accomplice in the dismantling of the Republic, slowing but not reversing the damage being done to it. Your hypocrisy is astonishing. Your reckoning will be painful. Don't claim you weren't warned. Firing Michael Steele would be a good first step. Declaring Open Season on RINOs would be a nice follow up.


It is soon going to be time for restoration. The people will demand it. Stay ready. Get active. Go to rallies and demonstrations. Make your voice heard and your presence felt. Have an impact in your community. Volunteer. Vote.

The time is short. The odds are long.


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