Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Patriot's Day Rallies

Yesterday, two rallies were held advocating the preservation of our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to a personal matter.

However, reading through all of the news coverage of the events, one thing is very clear to me. Namely, the law-abiding gun-owner is just that. Law-abiding.

If you listen just to the smear merchants and bed wetters, you would get the impression that we are foaming-at-the-mouth Neanderthals itching for a fight with Big.Gov. The truth is, even though the rhetoric can get heated at times, at no point was anybody threatened, harmed, or killed. No violence was advocated. No violence was experienced.

Unlike the protests that the Left conducts (like the G-20 summits recently), there was exhibited a respect for the law and an adherence to the principles of decency that define our Nation for the most part.

Yes, gun owners and advocates got together to protest. One protest was armed and another was not. The difference? The Law.

In Virginia, it is legal to bear arms. In DC, it is not. Even though I believe that the law in DC is unconstitutional, the protesters still obeyed it because we are law-abiding even in our advocacy.

The Progressive Left in America wishes to force a Socialist vision of government-mandated Utopian equality onto the rest of us. We in the Libertarian Right oppose this. Until the day comes where the choice is forced, "obey or die" (implied if the threatened response is arrest and jail time), we will continue to advocate using peaceful means.

Even when displaying our arms in protest, we are obeying the law. We are just trying to bring the Law into alignment with the founding principles of Liberty. Peacefully, if possible.



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