Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Bush's Fault, Except when it isn't...

One of the things that always holds true is that ultimately, the truth will come out. About anything.

If you aren't reading Karl Denninger at The Market Ticker, you should be. Even when I don't agree with his take on things, I appreciate the fact that he DOES research his facts, and he backs up his opinions with hard data.

While reading this post today, I came across an interesting chart which shows the annualized Federal Budget deficit.

Now, Bush was a profligate spender, and no Conservative (despite what you may think), but he was a piker compared to the deficits that the Democrats have run since January of 2008.

Understand this, the Democrats have total ownership of fiscal policy beginning January 2007, since that is when they retook control of Congress (where spending originates). Since that time, the trend-which had been coming down-turned back into the red even further until the point where we have accumulated more debt in the past three fiscal years than the previous 217.

If deficits were going to kill the country when Bush was president, doesn't it make sense that bigger deficits in a declining economy in the midst of a recession Depression would ALSO be dangerous to our country?

Or, are we so blinded by Bush hatred (and remember I do not like the guy) that we refuse to see that Obama is worse?

Tell Congress to cut up the credit cards, restore fiscal sanity to the budgetary process, and balance the budget with SPENDING CUTS.



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