Monday, March 8, 2010

Who is watching?

I discovered something interesting this morning while reviewing my site statistics this morning. I discovered that the banking giant Wachovia (North Carolina) is really interested in the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus.

I know this because Wachovia hit my site at 7:37:59 this morning on a Google redirect using the search term "VA Legislative Black Caucus Members 2010". That would not be noteworthy in and of itself. What is interesting is that at 9:26:23, I got a hit from the Virginia Legislature, also from a Google search, with the the search term "virginia black caucus article", followed by ANOTHER hit from Wachovia at 10:44:46, this time from their Richmond office.

Now why would Wachovia be interested in me? And, why would they be interested in what I have to say about the VLBC? And, why would they alert their contacts in the VLBC?

Was it something I said?

And while I am asking questions, why would the VLBC OPPOSE Charter Schools? In every place that they have been tried, and especially in predominately minority districts, charter schools have proven to raise reading and math comprehension, skill level, and testing. If the goal of the VLBC is to empower minorities who have been forced to attend under-performing schools where cronyism and tenured, unionized teachers have a monopoly on our kids' futures, then they should be SUPPORTING charter schools, not the education establishment.

Oh, I guess that would take spine and a willingness to risk campaign contributions for the good of the children. Perhaps that really is too much to ask...




David said...

If I were to read you from work you'd also see a big bank address also. I don't think I'd read too much into that.

Newbius said...

David, I am less interested in the fact that a big bank hit on my article from 2 weeks ago than I am that, shortly thereafter, the subject of the article hits it too.

Old NFO said...