Sunday, March 14, 2010

Liberal Clarity

I am very glad that this article exists. It is a refreshing bit of honest clarity about urban liberalism and how they view the rest of us. Please go and read it. Read it in its entirety for no other reason than to understand who you are dealing with, and what they think of you.

Then, get back to your preparations.



H/T Gay_Cynic


Anonymous said...

I tried to read it all, but couldn't. Pissed me off even more than I usually am.

But, I got to here: "We live on islands of sanity, liberalism, and compassion". So, the people who live where I do and like I do lack sanity and compassion(I admit to lacking liberalism)? Interesting.

And we spend billions of dollars every year to keep the muzzies from blowing up *wait for it* CITIES? I think we could find something else to do with all that money. I can't think of a single damn thing that I actually need or want that I have to get from a damned city!

Seal them off for a couple weeks and see how that works out for the sane, liberal, and compassionate bastards.


Newbius said...

You need to read the whole thing. These people are the enemy of Freedom.

They believe that those who value individual Liberty and the God-given rights we enjoy are people to be feared. They believe that the urban liberal is the ultimate embodiment of compassion and wisdom, and they will enforce that belief at the point of a gun if necessary. Meaning, that they fear us, and will subjugate us by force as required to ensure the evolution and consummation of their Utopian vision.

They really do think we are unworthy of consideration. I fear it may be a mistake that they ultimately regret.

Tam said...

Same planet, different worlds. Literally.

I remember reading this piece back when it came out and being surprised to find someone with the typical city-dweller prejudices who had actually thought them through and continued to verbally espouse them even though bigotry is at the top of the list of Deadly Sins in his worldview.

Writing that must have been as cathartic for him as writing porn would be for the most repressed priest, or cussing out loud is for a five-year-old. He got to admit he doesn't like some people; that he doesn't care if they die; for someone whose personal credo is based on a certain bland niceness and a forced faux-concern for every cause on the planet, that must have been nearly orgasmic to type out.

Tam said...
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Anonymous said...

and, let's admit it, we don't really want to live in Canada. It's too cold up there and in our heart-of-hearts we hate hockey.

Shows how far they can see past the ends of their own noses. If they're this ignorant about the neighbours, it doesn't give much hope for their interest in understanding their fellow citizens.