Thursday, January 14, 2010


First, let me state very clearly that the Haiti earthquake is a genuine tragedy. My heart goes out to all of the victims and their families. It is my sincere desire that as much relief be made available to the island as humanly possible.

Got that?

OK. Good.

For you patriots out there, please watch Haiti very closely. What is happening there, especially in Port-Au-Prince, is illustrative of what will happen in any kind of societal breakdown. There is already looting, pockets of anarchy as the government scrambles to retain control, instances of military patrols limiting access to certain areas, supply shortages in food and medicine, and difficulty getting relief to where it is needed due to communication failures and road conditions. Dysentery and other diseases are going to be an issue very shortly as sanitary conditions deteriorate further.

Additionally, the airports there are clogged, so needed supplies are stalled in the US awaiting access. Please note that the US is the largest supplier of aid so far (per our usual history). Also note, without the US Military taking over the air traffic control functions, whatever supplies that ARE making it into Haiti would otherwise be stalled.

Now, think about what would happen if the disaster was the collapse of the US Dollar, or a major natural disaster affecting an entire region, or a major disruption of electrical power, oil, natural gas, or water distribution. Who would provide aid to us? How would your town, city, county, or state react? How long could you and your family go without any of these basic supplies of our modern world? How about your neighborhood? Are you ready to go without new supplies of groceries and gasoline for a month or more? Really ready?

If the Federal Government took over supply distribution, how would they allocate resources? Would their Continuity of Operations plans take precedence over you and your family's survival needs? Would the Constitution still be in effect? Would martial law be declared until the crisis is over? What are your plans?

Think about it.




Old NFO said...

Head for the hills... And hook up with a local church...

Newbius said...

Heh. NFO, we all thought we'd head over to your place to weather the storm. ;) I promise to bring beer.