Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Freedom Fighters

If you are an American, you are the beneficiary of the efforts of Freedom Fighters. This is also true of any we may have liberated throughout our history, but is definitely true for my Countrymen.

Freedom fighters come in all guises. They fight the battle in many ways. The most obvious are the warriors. They directly put their lives on the line and are willing to sacrifice their all for the sake of Liberty. If you know a warrior, shake their hand and offer thanks. Make a donation to a charity that assists wounded warriors. Write a letter to a soldier on deployment. Help their family back home. They are making direct and obvious sacrifices for your freedom and should be given thanks.

Less obvious than the warriors in the battle for your Liberty are those who are advocates for Freedom, using the media as their battlefield. These people deserve your prayers and support while they fight the battles loudly and publicly on our public airwaves and through alternative media like blogs, webchats, podcasts, and new media articles.

Today I am writing asking for your support of one such Freedom Fighter. In the battle for our Liberty, this man is on the front lines daily. Whether you believe in his approach to the problem or prefer a different track to the same goal, consider that he is one of us in the battle to preserve and defend our Constitutional Liberties. The Founders pledged their Lives, Fortunes, and their Sacred Honor to the cause. If you believe that Liberty is a cause worthy of support, you owe it to Her and to yourself to consider helping out. Go Here for additional information.

Mike, I salute you.



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