Monday, December 14, 2009

Four wheeled fun

This past weekend I went karting with my son and daughter. My girl had been pestering me to go for a few weeks, ever since she went with a "guy friend" of hers. I have been racing before, and knew it would be a lot of fun, but didn't want to spend money that was not in the budget.

Well, Saints be praised, I got a small bonus (really a return of the pay cut I took earlier in the year). So, Saturday night we braved the cold (well, cold for Virginia at 33F) and went to the indoor kart track in Fredericksburg and did some racing.

My daughter was excited that "I did so well for my first time out", and I was wondering which corners I was losing so much time in. Different standards, I guess...

I think I might have the racing line worked out for the track now. Maybe with a few adjustments, I can recover the second per lap that she is beating me by. I already know that I can carry more speed through the turn onto the pit straight if I line up the apex time!

Click for full picture
Oldest son leading the group into the turn on the yellow, daughter is #4

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Me (#18) stuck behind traffic on the yellow flag

I plan to do this again. It is a really good time, and not too expensive for today's world, with liability costs and gasoline and all being so expensive (about $18 per race with membership). Racing will get the heart rate up and the adrenaline flowing and maybe let you connect with your kids a little bit more.

Maybe next time I'll prove to the girl that I've still got it... :)




Jay G said...

That looks like more fun than should be allowed by law.

There's an indoor track not too far from here. I may have to bring TheBoy...

(WOW. Word verification: EURNMEE)

Lord Obsidian said...

Looks like fun! Btw, back in VA for a few weeks. Let me know if you're having a pizza party!

Bradley said...

at the track i go to here in Germany they make you wait in the bar, if you have to wait, its more fun with 1-2 beers, but at 3-5 my skill goes way down but is more fun at that level sort of a cross between racing and bumpercars :D. Good thing the track is only 1.2km from my house so we park at my place and walk :D

J.R.Shirley said...

I rode a track in Myrtle Beach a few months ago. Lots of fun...