Monday, December 21, 2009

2010 Elections?

What 2010 elections?

One has to wonder just what the Democrats in Congress are playing at. Any sane and rational person knows that actions have consequences. Most Congress Critters have heard from their constituency and, unless in complete denial, are aware that Health Care Reform is wildly unpopular "back home".

Yet, they voted for it anyway.

Which leads me to believe that they think this vote is far enough away from the 2010 elections that the animosity towards them for this vote will have died down (and, that their usual vote buying, voter fraud, and poll intimidation tactics will suffice). Or, they know that this vote doesn't affect their re-elections in 2010 because there won't be any.

I have been saying this for months now. I wonder if anybody else is listening? Have we reached the point in the process where our Republic/Democracy is reduced to "one man, one vote, one time"? Having elected Maoists, Marxists, Leninists, and Fascists (aka "Progressives") to office, and their "reforms" to the system under the guise of a National Socialism being put into action, have we had our "one vote" already? If so, what's next? Or, as quoted here: "When Democracy becomes Tyranny, I STILL get to vote!"

Congressional Leaders: Be careful what you wish for. You may just get the full measure and eventual outcome of the policies that you champion. History is replete with failed regimes that attempted to do what you are now trying. History's pages are well-bloodied with the results of power grabs against the citizens. It generally doesn't end well for those who begin this cycle. You have been warned not to proceed down this path by the citizens in your states and districts.

You persisted anyway.

May the God you don't believe in save the soul you don't believe you have...



Anonymous said...

I am wondering why it has taken so long for something I have seen coming for over 6 months to finally begin to be talked about.

They KNOW what they're doing.
They KNOW what it will cause.

This is not an accident waiting to happen. This is government being taken down from within by those who have been elected to uphold it.

Heaven help us.


Mike W. said...

They'll just hire ACORN to "supervise" the voting process. The media is in their pocket and doesn't care, and according to Obama FOX News "isn't a real news organization"