Saturday, October 24, 2009

New York 23

I think it is interesting the way the political parties are approaching the special election in NY-23. This is a seat that has been solidly Republican for a very long time. It is a red district in a blue state and is coveted as a "hold" for Brand-R and a pickup for Brand-D. So, in an effort to appeal to the conservative voters in the district, the two parties put up the following candidates:

In the Democrat corner we have: Bill Owens

Endorsed by: SEIU, Working Families Party (ACORN)

Issues: Pro-abortion, Pro-health care reform, pro gun-control, pro "Green jobs", Pro "Same-sex marriage", Pro-tax increases

In the Republican corner we have: Dede Scozzafava

Endorsed by: United Auto Workers Union, Working Families Party (ACORN)-in every previous election except THIS one, Newt Gingrich

Issues: Pro-abortion, pro-health care reform, Pro-"sensible gun controls", pro "Green jobs" Pro "Same-sex marriage", Pro-tax increases

And then there is the upstart Independent: Doug Hoffman

Endorsed by: Club for Growth, Susan B. Anthony List Fund, Sarah Palin, Fred Thompson

Issues: Pro-Life, Against government takeover of health care, Second Amendment supporter, pro-market solutions to energy issues, Pro-traditional marriage, pro-tax cuts

[ Edited to add: Listen to him in his own words in an interview on the Fred Thompson Show ]

If the voters in NY-23 are paying attention, they will notice that they have 2 nearly identical "choices" offered to them by the Big Parties. Heads or tails, it is still the same coin. Then there is the other candidate who is actually different than the other two.

If either Owens or Scozzafava wins, the likelihood that they would vote with Nancy Pelosi on most issues of importance to voters is high. Either one is a win for the Democrats. (Thanks, but no thanks, NRCC) If Hoffman wins, even though he is an Independent, he will likely caucus with the Republicans on most issues. This would be a win for the conservatives and libertarians left in Congress.

It will be interesting to see if the Republican voters in NY-23 recognize this and vote principles instead of party this time around.



[OCT 25 - EDIT] I was contacted by David Codrea regarding my reference above to Bill Owens being "pro-gun control". David rightly calls me to task to provide linked proof of that position and I cannot locate the original source I used for the reference. Since I cannot locate the reference I am striking through the line for now. If I locate the link, I will replace the strike-through with a hyperlink to the source.

As for Scozzafava, she voted for A.7733 which would strip a gun owner of his/her weapons and right to possess same for certain crimes. The vote was unanimous in the NY Assembly, but principles are principles in my book and the Second Amendment is sacrosant to me. She does not get a "pass" for this one, and the rest of her social positions are in line with Big Government and Statism. I wonder if the choice came to it, would she jettison her NRA "A" rating in order to support something that was for the "greater good"? She did the last time...


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