Thursday, October 8, 2009

More FTC


In the interest of full disclosure, there are companies whose products I use and recommend. So far (hint, hint) none of them have deigned to give me a freebie...

I use Red Star yeast; Con-Agra and King Arthur flours; Kirkland (Costco) cheeses; Trader Joe's Salts, spices, and pasta; Contadina canned tomato products; Bertoni pasta; Land-o-Lakes dairy products; McCormick spices; Hormel sausages and pepperoni; and various fresh produce vendors.

Pizza is every Friday starting around 1800.

I use Winchester, Remington, CCI, Black Hills, Prvi Partizan, Federal, Norma, PMC, Lake City (Surplus), and RCBS ammunition. I could use a case from each manufacturer, in various calibers. (HINT HINT! FREE AMMUNITION FOR EVALUATION IS IN SHORT SUPPLY AT THE NEWBIUS HOUSEHOLD!)

I use Hoppes and Break Free. More than I should...

I have firearms by several manufacturers, all of which were either purchased with my own money or inherited, and which I will not detail here, except for the DPMS LR-308 STRIPPED LOWER which I recently acquired. (DPMS, you make amazing guns. Send me a free sample next time, will ya? Your stuff rocks the socks!)

I use Leupold scopes. Nothing better for the price. Yeah, I could use Swarovski...but I would rather spend the money elsewhere. Ditto Trijicon. (Swarovski, Trijicon: I might change my mind if you sent me a sample...No, Really!).

I like A.Fuente cigars, and will happily smoke Cohiba, Macanudo, Hoyo y Monterrey, Romeo y Julieta, and a few other brands...Ship to the house please.

I drink Smirnoff Vodka, Jim Beam or Ezra Brooks Bourbon, Bombay Gin, Cuervo Gold Tequila, and Bacardi rum. Most wines-red or white- are fine too. And I love champagne. Crystal could send me a case and I would heartily endorse it to my 9 readers.

Western Digital gets the nod on hard drives. ATi gets the nod for video cards, although nVidia could make me an offer and I would consider it. Chips? Intel or AMD...just as long as it is stable. Microsoft, Apple, or Linux? Depends on the system. I have all three. Logitech makes a lot of my peripherals, and Microsoft makes the rest. Wanna send me more stuff to review? I will take all offers.

Cameras? Canon right now, but Nikon runs a close second. Try and persuade me to use your stuff instead. Let me play with a sample for a year or so.

Cars? Honda, Acura (Honda), Chevy, and Geo. And, all were built in the USA. I have owned Toyotas too and would not hesitate to encourage someone to buy any one of the cars I have owned. Good products, all of them.

And so nauseum.

My point? None of this is any of the government's business. These are all personal choices made from an evaluation of the best products on the market at the time of purchase, representing the best value for the money I was willing to pay. The government is trying to use arcane laws to stifle people they perceive as threatening to their tyranny, using vague rules enforced by partisan bureaucrats.

Screw them. Stand up for Liberty, or perish trying.


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J.R.Shirley said...

"Pizza is every Friday starting around 1800." [Homer voice][/voice]

Yeah, those are good cigar brands! Probably the best cigars I have right now are relabeled Punch After Dinners.